The Petal & Ray Manifesto

The Petal & Ray Manifesto

The Petal & Ray Manifesto

The sun's glorious power

We are the new sun-worshippers.

We are shade-worshippers too. Everything in balance brings beauty, health and joy.

The sun is a glorious power that our world revolves around. Sunshine brings life and countless benefits for body, mind and spirit. Because the sun is so strong, we need to treat it with respect and learn to get the right amount of sun exposure for our unique physical make-up and location.

Respect the forces of the elements – the oceans’s waves, the sun’s rays, the fire’s flames, the wind’s speed.

Don’t be scared of the sun, but do be sun savvy every day.  Become a discerning recipient of the sun; how much you need and tolerate depends on your skin type, the season and the UV index are where you find yourself.

Let go of beauty goals and get to the beach

Sunburn is not a base tan. Don’t let it happen.

Forget about tanning or not tanning. We all have a unique skin shade and when we get a moderate amount of sun exposure, to get our wonder-vitamin D, we’ll likely get a bit of a glow.

Let go of making your skin tone part of your beauty goals. In fact…let go of beauty goals and focus on loving your skin into a state of health.

We exist to serve real people in all their wonderful diversity. All bodies deserve to be surrounded by the beauty of the beach. You are ready exactly as you are to put on a swimsuit and swim, dance, bathe, play, run, sleep, live. 

Whether your favourite watersport is kitesurfing or floating on an inflatable flamingo in an infinity pool, you should be able to protect yourself from the sun whilst looking stylish and being comfortable. Fun in the sun (and shade) for all the family can be found with us.

Children instinctively love the sun and Petal & Ray wants to make it easy and fun to look after them so that they can enjoy sunny days and parents can too.

The new holistic suncare

We grew up with a topsy turvy approach to the sun and we think many of our customers may have too. We’ve done years of research so that you can change your sun-habits and get sun savvy fast.

Outdated suncare:  frying on a beach, enabled by reapplying layer upon layer of toxic, vitamin D blocking, reef-poisoning aerosol-powered sunscreens and then lathering it all off with shower gel in the evening.

New holistic suncare: find out how much sun you need for your optimum vitamin D creation, and how long you will be safe without burning, wear UV protective swimwear, great hats, and seek shade for as much of the day as you need to; enjoy a delicious sun-bath for a safe amount of time; nourish your body with antioxidants inside and out; hydrate; use a mineral sunscreen product for areas like face and hands that are going to be more exposed.  

We don’t expect a sunscreen to be completely invisible, or sprayable, or to smell like pina colada (although we do like pina coladas). We expect it to be good for us, safe for the oceans and to do a fine job of protecting us from UVA and UVB rays.

Sunscreen is actually the last step in Petal & Ray’s approach to being sun savvy.

Your skin is where you meet the world

Eat bright food, drink bright tea, think bright thoughts. Sweat, smile and sleep. All these will make you beautiful.

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body – you are essentially eating it. Read ingredients lists.

Suncare is skincare, skincare is suncare – suncare is not just slapping on some spf while at the beach, it is creating and protecting resilient skin with nutritious foods from the inside and out.

Skincare is not frivolous – your skin is where you meet the world, feeding back its sensations to your nervous system. By caring for your skin you are healing, calming and respecting yourself and your interaction with the wider planet.

Petals turn themselves to the sun – how do they manage to be so delicate, so soft, so smooth after a day of sunshine? Plants contain amazing (scientific) magic that enables them to thrive beautifully in their environment. Use plants as much as possible on and in your body to make use of their wisdom.

Business from the heart

We believe that businesses should be ethical Trojan horses, bringing their cherished values to the world alongside their commercial offering. Petal & Ray exists in service of your skin, your family and this jewel of a blue-green planet. We choose to work with other businesses that share our passion for oceans, forests and human health.

At the core of everything we do is the belief that everything people need for a happy, healthy and abundant life has been provided by nature. Sometimes as it is, sometimes paired with human ingenuity. 

We believe that activism for nature needs to be fuelled by love and connection instead of fear. That’s why we love the beach. With the sand between your toes and the horizon in front of you, you are surrounded by beauty and it is easy to feel how worthy the planet is of our care and protection.

Petal & Ray is here to help you shine with ease. This is your birthright as a radiant being in a universe made of light.

And you thought you were just shopping for a hat and a tube of spf 30…

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