Our Story

Welcome to Petal & Ray

If you are looking for healthy, stylish and eco-friendly ways to care for your family and yourself in the sun - you are in the right place. We curate sun-safe style and beauty from brands around the world so that you can enjoy the sun in harmony with nature. Your holiday packing will become a breeze too.
If you are interested in clean beauty and sustainable fashion, it makes sense to extend this to your suncare. The sun is both essential for our health and potentially harmful - but we’re rarely taught how to work with our bodies and the sun. You can’t bottle balance, but I founded Petal & Ray to make holistic suncare easy and beautiful.
All my life I have been very aware of the sun’s benefits and dangers because my mother grew up in the Northern Territory of Australia before suncare was a 'thing'. So I've followed her journey to heal and prevent sun damage. All my summer memories of her include a large straw hat. I have skin that blooms freckles within minutes of seeing the sun - and also acne prone skin that seriously protests against many sunscreens. My sister suffered from eczema as a child and had to be very careful about the skincare that she used. My own daughter has sensitive skin that many sunscreens sting - whilst being a natural little sun lover that I have to protect from overexposure.
So suncare has always been on my mind, along with yearning for the next dose of sand and sea. I’m happiest on a beach - near or far, they are my best soul food. Every summer after becoming a parent I spent hours researching healthy, sustainable options for both my children and myself. This entailed a lot of traipsing around the internet and I started to daydream about being able to find all the best solutions in one place.
One afternoon I found myself facing a billboard for a chemical sunscreen that is marketed at children and that I knew contained ingredients harmful to both marine life and humans. Something clicked and I knew that I wanted to curate what I had discovered and combine my passions for natural health, family and green business.
Running an ethical business that refuses to sell products that could harm either planet or people is our starting point. We stand for slow fashion, safe skincare and daily wonder at the beauty of the world and each other in all our forms.
Founded from a kitchen table in the Cotswolds thanks to the support of some stellar brands who believed in the vision of one destination for stylish and sustainable suncare, Petal & Ray launched in March 2019. The research process led us to connect with inspiring founders, designers and formulators from across the world - whose products can be at your doorstep with a few clicks.
You can get to know Petal & Ray's values better by reading our manifesto or learn our 6 step approach to holistic suncare.
We're here to make it easy and enjoyable for you and your family to be beautifully sun-safe, so we are always here to answer questions and help you to select what you are going to need and love. Every parcel is sent with love. 
Wishing you sun, sea and sand,
Olivia xx