Ethical. Luxury. Sun-safe. 

These are the criteria that we look for in our brands. 

We've fallen in love, one way or another, with every brand that we stock.  All our brands are led by creative founders, and all have their own vision behind the brand's values and development. 

Petal & Ray represents a network of (often female-led) businesses, social enterprises and studios from around the world. 


Albus & Flora

Founder Rachel has combined her background in scientific research and academic training in physiology with her passion for the beauty of the alps. In the mountains, reconnecting with nature after a high-pressure career supporting elite athletes, Rachel was inspired by the resilience of alpine plants. Investigating the powerful properties of the plants around her, Rachel worked through over 200 formulations to get her lipcare line perfect. Rachel now travels to teach on the unique anatomy of the lip, leads Albus & Flora and is working on secret new products!


Founded and led by Australian mother and ocean-lover Patreece Botheras, duskii bridges the gap between activewear and beach fashion. Their aim is to ‘ensure you feel confident and glamorous by the pool and on the beach’ and their designs work to enhance all body types with contouring but comfortable technical cuts and opulent fabrics. duskii launched their girls’ line for ages 8-14 in 2017, encouraging girls to enjoy the freedom to be themselves on their holiday and summer adventures.


Italian founder Camilla wanted her children to enjoy the idyllic, carefree childhood summers that she had experienced growing up. She wanted to combine the playful chic of Italian seaside style with sun-safety and after being unable to find swimwear that met her expectations, she created her own. Folpetto has strong ethical principles, using recycled eco-fabrics, manufacturing in a family-run factory in Italy, and creating quality garments that can be passed down among siblings and friends. In her own words: “Folpetto, Venitian for little octopus, simply sums me up: every mother could be an octopus…who wouldn’t want more arms to cuddle and protect our little ones and three hearts to love them even more?

harry & pop

harry & pop is an eco-conscious family brand, founded and led by mother and sustainability communications professional Lauren. Their sweet mix-and-match styles are designed and ethically made in Melbourne, Australia. harry & pop was inspired by Lauren’s own fruitless search for stylish, ethical and sunsafe swimwear for her own first child.  As a brand, harry & pop puts sun protection first and creates beautiful unisex custom prints across a crisp pastel colour palette. They are passionate about making mindful changes to minimise their environmental footprint and use eco-friendly fabric made from post-consumer materials.

Sensi Studio

Sensi Studio is an accessories and read-to-wear label based in Ecuador. Their luxury genuine panama hats and woven bags are handmade by traditional artisans and can take two days per piece to create.  Stephany Sensi, the founder and creative director, studies Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and launched Sensi Studio in 2010. The brand centres around a beachy, relaxed style and prioritises social responsibility, working closely with artisans and their craft for a creative end result.  


Suntribe was started in 2016 than by Karl, Hampus and Julia – three friends who love nature just as much as they love pushing themselves to their limits when surfing, climbing or running. They say: “We feel at home in nature and we want to protect our home. We’re tired of the old and overly commercial ways of making sunscreen, anything from green washing to creating one product for each family member. This is why we create new generation sunscreens. We never include nnecessary ingredients, we only use what has been proven safe, and we do all this to achieve the highest functionality and quality.”


YUME means ‘dream’ in Japanese and this Cyprus based brand takes inspiration from traditional eastern garments. Founded by designers Candy and Constantinos (who have design backgrounds in fashion and jewellery respectively), YUME uses pure linen to create flowing designs that offer relaxed, natural glamour. Their kaftans are made by hand in Cyprus in a fun and creative environment, with eco-conscious decisions at all staging of making and packaging. In their words, “YUME is part of the dream but also the medium to reach the ‘whole’ dream – of easy, harmonious and aesthetic living.