NATASHA TONIC Longsleeved Swimsuit in Earth Tie-Dye


Simple but revolutionary one-piece swimsuit. Designed, made and hand-dyed in LA from hemp fabric. 

Natasha Tonic is a sustainable, versatile, durable, minimalist, timeless brand that we love. 


  • classic collarbone skimming boat neck 
  • hemp and organic cotton blend fabric is naturally UV protective and anti-bacterial
  • beautifully comfortable in or out of the water
  • doubles up as a chic bodysuit when not swimming
  • doesn't shrink or stretch when washed
  • dyed by hand using non-toxic dyes
  • eco-friendly fabric that is biodegradable and prevents microfibre pollution from polyester
  • ethically made by a female founder led brand
  • no plastic waste in manufacturing or shipping process
  • seasonless styles encourage sustainable, slow fashion. 

Fabric and care: Ecocert organic cotton and hemp. Wash cool and hang to dry. Rinse after swimming in chlorinated water, do not bleach or tumble dry. 

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