LAHAR SRIJANA Triple Layer Muslin Khasto in Indigo Tree

Type: Khasto

Traditional Nepalese pure muslin khasto with custom indigo tree of life print. 

Khastos are triple-layered pure muslin shawls. The middle layer is block printed and the shawl is edged in patterned cotton. Khastos are beautiful, multi-purpose shawls that are perfect for the whole family. 

Lahar Srijana is a women's collective that offers training in traditional crafts and then fairly paid employment. The khastos are made and printed by hand - even the printing blocks are hand carved. 

Suggested uses:

  • protect shoulders from the sun (small size)
  • use as a shade drape
  • play blanket on lawn or beach for babies
  • wrap around you as a cover-up dress
  • to sleep under in hot climates - cool but cosy
  • wrap around two of you (large size) to watch the sunset or stars
  • tuck over children in the plane or car
  • warm up after a swim

Fabric and care: Cool wash with similar colours. Do not tumble dry.