Sunsafe Rx (30 capsules)

Type: Supplement

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Sunsafe Rx is a cutting edge, natural nutritional supplement that works to promote your skin's own defences against sun exposure. 

Formulated with potent antioxidants, the benefits of Sunsafe Rx include helping to: 

  • support your skin and eyes during sun exposure
  • support youthful looking skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles
  • increase an even skin tone and fade visible sun damage
  • relieve the symptoms of some sunlight sensitivities
  • reduce oxidative stress throughout your entire body
  • support the health of your eyes 
  • provide even, convenient, lasting sun protection over your whole body
  • allow optimum Vitamin D production through sunlight
  • provide protection against UVB rays which burn the skin and UVA rays which age the skin

How to use Sunsafe Rx: 

Take one capsule per day, 60 minutes before sun exposure. Maximum efficacy is reached after several weeks of daily use. The protective effect is cumulative. For prolonged exposure, take 1 extra capsule. 

How does Sunsafe Rx work? 

Sunsafe Rx has been formulated by a research-driven neutraceutical company from California: Napa Valley Biosciences.  Their research led to the development of Antioxidine, a proprietary formulation of specific antioxidants found in plant foods. The ingredients are all natural and work synergistically together to create healthy, anti-aging protection.  These ingredients include carotenoids, xanthophylls, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.  

Visit for in depth formula research information. 

Who will benefit from Sunsafe Rx? 

  • All adults who want to boost their skin and eyes' health and youth from the inside out.
  • People who dislike the feel, inconvenience or ingredients of sunscreen.
  • People who want to protect their skin during outdoor activities such as running, swimming, tennis and gardening.
  • Beauty lovers who want extra protection from incidental sun exposure during their normal day.
  • Health seekers who want to receive uninhibited benefits from the sun. 

Sunsafe Rx has not been tested for suitability for pregnancy or children. 

Sunsafe Rx is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is a wellbeing and not a medical product. Please discuss any concerns with your nutritionist or doctor.